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The Department for Education states that there is a need ‘to create and enforce a clear and rigorous expectation on all schools to promote the fundamental British values of DEMOCRACY, THE RULE OF LAW, INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY, MUTUAL RESPECT and TOLERANCE OF THOSE WITH DIFFERENT FAITHS AND BELIEFS.’

At St. Charles School we want our children to become, global citizens who are proud of who they are, respectful towards others and know their responsibilities with their local and global communities. These British Values underpin everything we do within school. 

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As a Catholic School, we seek to live out the values of Jesus Christ and promote these values through our teachings and actions. Our curriculum is designed to enable every pupil to recognise, learn and experience a wide range of beliefs and understandings of the world; enabling them to become responsible, caring and active citizens.

Over the course of the school year pupils;

  • are encouraged to be reflective about their own and others’ beliefs
  • develop an understanding about themselves and others in the world
  • recognise the difference between right and wrong and the importance of tolerance and respect for everyone
  • understand the consequences of their behaviour and actions, and appreciate the view points of others are supported in, developing a respect for the civil and criminal law of England
  • develop their social skills to embrace pupils from different religions, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.

In addition to this, our RE,, Family Group sessions and wider curriculum supports pupils in embedding these values. These include a study of other religions, visits to places of worship, global diversity and pupil voice as represented by the schools pupil governors.

This is our British Values display.

It was created by the KS2 Art Club from jigsaw pieces, cut out, and painted with one of the key values. In the middle, it says –

‘It takes a lot of pieces to make the whole picture.’