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At St Charles, we are proud of our school community where children flourish in a stimulating environment with lots of learning opportunities. The updated nursery provision adds to our educational offer with an enabling environment that provides a rich, varied and safe space in a setting where children can play, explore and learn.

Our aim is always to create an environment that is warm, welcoming and nurturing and provides a sense of belonging. Our nursery now includes:

  • A fantastic new nursery classroom
  • Extensive outdoor play area providing stimulating learning experiences
  • Sensory play area to develop awareness and communication
  • Play based learning to nurture your child’s creativity
  • Technology integrated classrooms, creating a modern day learning environment
  • A child centered curriculum, focusing on the whole child
  • Half day and full day sessions available
  • Breakfast club from 7.45am

St Charles currently have places in our nursery for 3 and 4 year olds.  Your child is eligible for at least 15 hours a week, or up to 30 hours a week of funded early education or childcare.

St Charles Nursery Social Square 4 (Final)